On some occasions the gallery is open on the weekend.

Current the gallery is closed on the weekends.  Further weekend openings will be posted on the website.


National Library of Australia / State Library of WA - Oral history recording of Leon Pericles 

Interview by John Bannister in the Battye Library collection

Recorded over a series of sittings on:

27 April, 11 and 16 May, and 14-15 June 2011 in Perth, W.A.



Perth Studio Exhibition:

In April, 2012 a major body of work was presented for exhibition from the studios of Leon Pericles in Mosman Park.

Leon has been working on a new concept of artwork and at the same time producing a book reflecting recent and current works.  This culminated in the showing of a large body of work, both new and recent.

‘OPHTHALMIC CONFECTION” is the title of the exhibition as well as the newly published book of his work in general and in particular the three dimensional multi faceted and painted works mounted on a rotating plinth and viewed as a tabletop sculpture.

A record number of visitors to the Mosman Park studio reflected the interest in this remarkable body of work.

Broome Artist in Residence August/Sept 2012

Between 20th and 30th August 2012 we spent 10 days in the delightful setting of the Cable Beach Club Resort.

The northern corner of the boardwalk of the Resort was converted to a temporary studio in which Leon created new paintings inspired by the environs of the Resort and Broome.

For the period, many people passed through the Pericles corner adorned with books, paraphernalia, and art works including the new Ophthalmic Confection works and took the opportunity to view the mini exhibition on show and to chat to Leon as he worked.

At the same time a full exhibition was on show at the Gecko Gallery in Broome town centre.  Belinda Cornish from Gecko Gallery hung a beautiful collection of Leon’s paintings and limited edition works.

This combination was excellent and we enjoyed a successful exhibition in town and the in-house residency at the Cable beach Club Resort.

Mosman Park Studios

Some changes to our studio staff with Anne Barnetson leaving and Sally Longley joining.

Peter Blake still maintains a high level of framing in the workshop and Moira McDermont and Sally bring an experience with highly honed fine art skills.  Tiffany Hill maintains her measured pace of management and book keeping and good humour to keep it all rolling smoothly.

East Coast Representative

Helen Turpin continues to represent the work of Leon Pericles in NSW.  Her long serving role as Agent in NSW has been a remarkable journey and her commitment and persistence in this role has resulted in Leon Pericles becoming a well known artist in that state.  In spite of a general ‘art malaise’ in NSW (evidenced by many galleries closing) we continue to maintain all efforts to show and to promote the work of Leon Pericles on the east coast.

To all galleries currently representing Leon Pericles,  we thank you.

Moira Pericles          

Oct 2012




Artist in residency in Broome at the Cable Beach Club Resort

From the 20th to 30th of August 2012 Leon will be artist in residence at the Cable Beach Club Resort in Broome. Visitors welcome on the boardwalk near the main cafe

Concurrently a collection of new work and work from the very successfull Ophthalmic Confection exhibition in April at Pericles Studios will be on show at the Gecko Gallery at 9 Short Street in downtown Broome.

Hope to see you at either venue! Thanks Leon and Moria Pericles



Exhibition: 'Ophthalmic Confection'

Opening night by invitation only - please contact the studio on (08) 9286 1959