March 2002 Newsletter

Still working?

The question on many lips might conceivably be "What has Leon Pericles been doing for the past few years? It has been some years since we provided news of exhibitions or new work and you could be excused for thinking he'd been twiddling his thumbs..... Not so!! Life has been full and to prove it, we've penned an epistle to assure you (and ourselves) that we have not been idle. ...more

New Artworks online

Full names of new images posted in the Etchings section. Click to enlarge.

Residencies & Exhibitions

After a two month residency in Sydney in a studio on the edge of the Black Wattle Bay in Glebe in '99 and a month in Far North Qld in 2000, a number of exhibitions followed, up and down the east coast as we helped in vain to keep Ansett viable. Two expeditions to Sanctuaries of the Austrlalian Wildlife Conservancy at Faure Island near Shark Bay and Mt. Gibson Station north of Perth, provided an opportunity for Leon to work 'en plein air' in some great Aussie country and resulted in a number of stunning landscape paintings. Together with large private and public commissions for paintings this resulted in a conspicuous absence of Pericles exhibitions in the west.

The Building Program

After 20 years living and working in the same house, in '97 we decided to build a new home and dedicate the old home to studio work spaces and office. Not to be satisfied with that, the long planned dream to build on our little piece of dirt in Margaret River finally materialised and in 2000 we completed a comfy hideaway with a lovely north facing studio on the edge of the Margaret River Leon indulged in considerable whimsical detail in this home which has his signature indelibly printed on it.


Creating a new artwork is a process of pulling together threads of ideas and assorted materials into an exciting visual assemblage. There's no better way to stimulate this process than to visit foreign lands. 2001 has been full of those opportunities. Leon spent hours rummaging and negotiating in the flea markets and shops of France, England, Turkey and Hong Kong searching for the most unlikely items of interest. Combined with the diverse landscapes and rich history of these cultures the result is a kaleidoscopic range of 'gems' gathered for those possible new works of art.

New Prints

There is never any explanation for the ideas that spring from this fertile Pericles mind, but "I'm a Leg Man Myself" speaks for itself. (see detail). All I can say is that he spent far too long contemplating and producing this work! Another indulgence has been "It's only Rock'n' Roll but I Like It" The research on this work was extensive and the historical references are detailed and fascinating whilst maintaining the Pericles humour & wit. This could almost be autobiographical! One well known private school censored this work in their annual art show for "explicit reference to drugs"!!

Old Favourites

It's always sad to see works come to an end. "A Vine Romance", "Teardrops of the Gods", "Beach Flowers" and Kaleidoscope of fortune" amongst others have reached the end of their edition and are no longer available Original Constructed Card Series This new series of work has evolved with the accumulation in recent and past times of found objects both natural and man made. These are carefully constructed onto a card format sometImes in conjunction with other mediums. The combination of variable numbers of cards result in dynamic works of different shapes, themes and patterns. Each creation is a unique work.

New Exhibitions

In June 2002 a retrospective print exhibtion will be held in Perth. This collection of approximately 100 works will represent 33 years of printmaking and promises to be a remarkable collection. If you want to ensure an invitation to this exhibition contact us by email and register your interest with your name and address There's a melting pot of new ideas brewing in the creative brain box and some exciting works are emerging as part of an important series relating to the history of Widjimorphup later this year.......Stay tuned.........


The Pericles' offspring have sprung off in the last few years and both Nia and Damien are living and working in Sydney. After 8 years of tertiary education, his parents thinking he would be a student forever, Damien took a job as a Landscape Architect in Sydney. Nia, earlier to abandon the nest, is working with the ABC's new digital TV Youth channel in Sydney - Fly TV as a producer/presenter.

In the Studio

Keeping sanity and order in the studio are the indefatigable team with Helen Clarke running the studio with incredible efficiency and humour, Dave Edwards amazing us with his framing skills and laconic manner and Gary Tait whose printing skills and flexibility are unsurpassed. Added to that we often have work experience students for whom time spent in this environment can be a baptism of fire. The GST posed a significant challenge in the office department however with the expert assistance of Tiffany Hill, we are now fully computerised and on track

The Dido Fellowship

When Leon was a young lad entering art school in the late 60's, his father Dido Pericles began to assist him by framing his work. In acknowledging this important contribution to his early career Leon established the Dido Fellowship to assist a fine art graduating student in the crucial year following the completion of a University degree. Damian McCann, a painting graduate from Curtin University was the first recipient of the award which offers a one year residential period of living and working in the Pericles studios/old home . Combined with a $10,000 living allowance from ARTSWA and various materials supplied by the Pericles and other art suppliers, the Fellow is able to spend a year working in their chosen medium without the pressure of earning a living and within the environs of a professional working studio with its wide ranging functions. Damian's paintings are strong and colourful studies of faces with interesting angles and a touch of pop. The new Fellowship for 2002 has just been awarded to Tennille Baker a Textile/mixed media artist from Curtin University.

Thank You

Few artists can ever sustain an artistic career without the nourishing support of people who respond to their work. Many people show their interest and appreciation through enjoyment and many by purchasing art from time to time. To all those who share in Leon's creative process and invest in his extraordinary talent, we thank you sincerely.

Moira & Leon

and all at the Pericles Studios