March 2010 Newsletter

It has been a year since the opening of the first stage of the Bunbury Mantra Hotel which celebrated with an opening and a lavish function.

The three Pericles historical collaged works depicting life in Bunbury during the hey day of the town and its involvement in the rural, industrial and social growth of the region were successfully completed, framed, transported and now on show in the foyer of the Mantra Resort

A team of helpers was organised assist with the installation of the Sculpture works for the main void. The minor voids were hung and the theme of quintessential urban images of Australian life were installed.

A three day affair of installing the three separate painted and cut acrylic hangings was completed with the aid of cranes, cherry pickers and technicians installing a sophisticated structure to provide the hanging support for the 3 separate art works.

Due to an unacceptable level of wind movement and the absence of roof protection the sculptures have been removed awaiting the completion of a more suitable protective roof system. We still await further notice for the opportunity to complete this art work.

Margaret River Studios

There has been a keen focus on the completion of Leon’s studio in Margaret River this past year. Good progress has been made and it is now operational with just a few ‘tweaks’ to finish it off.

The feature of the studio are the beautiful glass windows which have been created by Leon using ubiquitous items of colourful glass and acrylic – mostly found objects, fused in a series of 10 windows to the most stunning effect.

The spacious studio opens to a balcony with an iron balustrade originally from the Middle East adding to the eclectic nature of the building. This overlooks the garden and bush. I can’t imagine a space more conducive to creativity and as more time is spent there the more likely it is that we’ll see some amazing art emanate from it.


An opportunity to join a Croatian coastal cruise journey with friends was too good to miss. The Dalmatian Coast is legendary for its' beauty and historical significance and we look forward to immersing ourselves in the beauty of the area, legendary towns and villages hugging the coastline reflecting the early Roman History. Wandering the walled cities, experiencing the local cuisine and losing ourselves in the myriad shops of antiquities and artefacts of today and yesteryear is our kind of holiday!!

Leon turned 60 on 22nd March 09 and the occasion was celebrated with family and friends in March. A thoughtful gift from daughter Nia resulted in a fabulous journey to New Zealand’s South Island. Based around Lake Te-Anau, we were indulged with a beautiful experience of this most remarkable region from Milford Sound to Queenstown to the Southern Coast and a stunning helicopter ride above the Fjordlands, A visual feast of nature at its most glorious.

Works have been on show in Group exhibitions at Greenhill Galleries in Dalkeith and now in their new space in Gugeri Street, Claremont.


A Book Plate was commissioned early in the year by a Sydney client and Leon delighted in the opportunity to custom design this special plate for another enthusiastic book collector.

Prominent business man Graeme Rowley commissioned a painting to acknowledge his retirement from FMG.


At short notice a decision was made to participate in ART SYDNEY 09. This impressive Art Fair located in Moore Park spanned a 4 day weekend -22nd – 25th October 09. With Helen Turpin (our Sydney Agent) we manned our booth and met lots of people sharing the breadth and depth of Leon’s work with old friends and new ones.

It was exhausting but informative and fun!!

Other Exhibitions

The Milk Factory Gallery at Bowral
in NSW has recently stocked Leon’s work and a ‘feature’ exhibition opens at the end of October 09.

The Framed Gallery in Darwin
will show new pieces in their Xmas Exhibition: “Starry Night”

New Work

Leon is back at the easel and working between studios, gradually accumulating new prints and paintings. Inspiration is flowing with some great ideas in the melting pot of Leon’s imagination.

Newly featured works include the etchings;

“Botanicus Familiaris”
“Casting a Line in the Sky”
“A Quantity of Duration”

January, 2010

During a long Xmas break Leon and I spent time with the family and travelled to Tasmania with friends then on to Sydney where a significant birthday was celebrated..

Still to come is the Lighthouse series. A fascination for lighthouses has manifested into a charming series of 3 plates identifying particular lighthouses of interest.

Staff at Quattro Framing and Pericles Studios

We are delighted to announce that our studio manager Elly Joel has given birth to a healthy baby girl. We were sad to lose Elly but share in her joy as a new mum. We are happy to welcome Moira McDermont to the team to fill Elly’s ample shoes.

Yes there is potential for confusion with two Moira’s in the studio – an unlikely name to double up on!! We look forward to initiating Moira Mac into the modus operandi of working with Leon and his team. So far it augers well!!

Anne Barnetson continues to set a high standard of artistic ability in the studio and Peter Blake in the framing workshop reminds us of the meaning of diligence and reliability. From time to time Lisa Milner fills a gap and brings her inimitable style and wisdom to our work space.

To Come…

A residency at the Cable Beach Club Resort in Broome during late August.

A family wedding in Ireland in June.

Damien & Jasmin and Linnea (adorable granddaughter) move to Germany (Munich) – only for a few years (we hope).

Nia is back... to base herself in Perth as she continues to produce for TV show Getaway.