November 2006 Newsletter

Life is flowing at a scary pace as we realise the year is almost over. Our studio show before Xmas has been shelved and instead we are launching a couple of new print images.


"The Pearl Fishers Duet" is a charming etching which tells the tale of two fishermen enjoying night fishing under a clear sky. They are depicted enthusiastically scooping at the reflection of the stars in the still waters believing them to be pearls. There's a magic to this work with its' darkness contrasted by the play of light within and around their fishing boat. A real pearl is collaged onto the work next to the edition number.

Release of a special etching

The work which has been the most absorbing in terms of time and energy has been the new etching on a medical theme titled "An Apple a Day".

( See the PDF by clicking the image at right).

When preparing for a new work, Leon explores many avenues to gain knowledge and inspiration to assist in the creation of the work. He invests in books, many from second hand or antiquarian bookshops to fuel his imagination and gather a depth of understanding of the subject. He gleans and deduces, elaborates and fabricates, resulting in a highly labour intensive work which challenges the viewers to pay close attention. The work is full of the unbelievable, the bizarre, the gruesome, the fascinating and the imaginary.

With the concept taking shape, Leon engages his studio staff to assist in the research and sourcing, via the internet or locally, the myriad 'collage pieces' and information required to fullfil his vision. His highly creative mind, delightfully absurd sense of humour and satirical edge combine to make this work of art interpreting aspects of medicine and history. What better subject for the fertile mind of an artist such as Leon Pericles.

After the seed of an idea began up to six years ago and the last year being year in full flight , we now present this extraordinary handmade etching with collage including numerous constructed objects, notably the world's first artificial heart. The limited edition of 150 is to be made available throughout Australia to people with an interest in medicine and a sense of humour. Selected galleries around Australia will stock this work.


We have added some part time workers to our team who help out on special projects. The labour intensive nature of "An Apple A Day" has required extra help and both Tanya McBurnie and Jess Drake Brockman offer their diverse skills in the studios. We have exciting news with Kylie Rath expecting her first baby in June next year.


Next year looks busy with the renovation to the upstairs section of our Mosman Park studios in the early part of the year followed by a studio exhibition, an interesting opportunity for an overseas exhibition (more info to come), a residency and exhibition in Broome at the Cable Beach Resort Hotel/Monsoon Gallery in Aug/Sept 07 and in Sydney at the Dank Street Studios in Oct/Nov 07.


Already underway, another mammoth undertaking in the form of an etching about religion is taking shape. Almost every faith or belief system features in what may be a controversial and provocative work presented with an unapologetic and playful irreverence. The etching with a working title of "My God's Better Than Your God" will be released early next year or before if you believe in miracles.

Moira Pericles

New Artworks online

Full names of new images posted in the Paintings, Etchings and Collagraphs section. Click to enlarge...

“Pearl Fishers Duet”
“An Apple A Day”