Print Retrospective 1969 - 2002

Leon Pericles Print Retrospective 1969-2002.jpeg
Leon Pericles Print Retrospective 1969-2002.jpeg
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Print Retrospective 1969 - 2002



A book produced to support the solo exhibition ‘Print Retrospective 1969 - 2002’, containing a selection of his print work from this period including a hand finished transparent velum cover with stained glass panels.

There are very few of these exhibition books left for sale, and all are from the original printing. All units are in good condition with velum dust jacket intact.

The purpose of a text in support of a retrospective exhibition is to reflect on a lifetime of work in a broad sense, looking at the events and influences in the artist’s life which parallel the creation of those works.

As Leon’s wife and business partner for over 30 years, I take pleasure in recounting details of his life’s experience and on the whole have tried to avoid critical commentary, as I am most certainly neither qualified to make any, nor unbiased in my judgements.

Over many years as a practicing artist Leon has made his studio at Mt Lawley. The studio has become the hub for a whole range of artistic pursuits including painting, printmaking, sculpture, construction of eclectic objects of collage, kite making, book making, framing and cataloguing. To walk into this space is to experience a part of Leon’s creative energy. To work in it is to be a part of a collective creative process, arising from the many artists who participate with Leon in making his art. I have been privileged to work in and be a part of this environment and witness the growth of the man and the artist as revealed in this retrospective collection.

Moira Pericles 2002

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